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Just as the doors of our church are open in welcome every day to the people of Bury St Edmunds and its surrounding villages, so we hope this website will serve as an invitation and welcome to you.

St Edmund's Parish is one of the most historical Catholic parishes in East Anglia with the tradition going back to the time when Catholics had to gather in secret. Indeed the original chapel on the site in Westgate Street was and remains hidden behind the large Georgian presbytery dating from 1760. Only in 1791 was it officially licensed for Catholic worship by those in authority. Today, with its home in the later, imposing and recently restored classical church of 1837, the Parish, which extends outside the limits of the town and includes chapels at Lawshall and Gt Barton, is a thriving community of 900 or so people.

We hope that in browsing our website you will find out more about our life, our worship and our witness.

What's on?

  • Bishop's Pastoral Letter for Education Day - 10th September 2023

    The reasons why the Catholic Church establishes and sustains a network of schools was highlighted most eloquently in the 2005 document entitled 'Christ at the Centre': Our Catholic schools are critical to the mission of the Church, providing an arena...

  • Parish AGM Minutes 18 September 2022 including the Financial Statements for 2022

    Roman Catholic Parish of St Edmund, King and Martyr Parish AGM - 18 September 2022. Read the minutes Parish AGM - 18.9.22.docx. 2022 Accounts_January to December 2022_AGM Figures.xlsx...

  • Organists needed

    Organists needed Every parish needs organists - the more the merrier - but many people with the necessary talent are reluctant to get involved in case they find themselves lumbered with a regular commitment! This does not have to be...

  • Live Streaming from St Edmunds

    You can watch Mass from St Edmunds on your home computer, or mobile device. We will be live streaming Mass on Sundays and Wednesdays at 10.30am. Please click here. If you'd like to follow and respond in the Mass but...

  • Young Adults Prayer Group (YAG)

    Meets in the parish on the first Monday of the month. They are now going to hold their meeting on line via Zoom - 8.00-8.40pm. This is an excellent platform for Catholic support. If you are between 20 and 30...

Mass times



Saturday 2nd December
18.00 Vigil Mass of Sunday John Gooch†

Sunday 3rd December
1st Sunday of Advent (p617)
08.30 Mass Bernadette Ely†
10.30 Mass (Live streamed) Stefan Oliver†  
10.30 Mass at (Lawshall) For the Parish
16.45 Mass in Polish

Monday 4th December
Advent Feria
12.00 Mass (W.S Hospital) Michael Schosland†

Tuesday 5th December
Advent Feria
09.45 Morning Prayer
10.00 Mass Marie March† 

Wednesday 6th December
Advent Feria
09.45 Morning Prayer
10.00 Mass (Live streamed) Bernadette Booker†
10.30 - 11.30 Adoration

Thursday 7th December
St Ambrose

Friday 8th December
Immaculate Conception of BVM
09.45 Morning Prayer
10.00 Mass Maria Beaumont†

Saturday 9th December
Advent Feria
09.45 Morning Prayer
10.00 Mass Ada Mingay†
18.00 Vigil Mass of Sunday For the Parish
Sunday 10th December
2nd Sunday of Advent (p620)
08.30 Mass C & A Caruana†
10.30 Mass (Live streamed) A & V Desira†  
10.30 Mass at (Lawshall) Eileen King†
16.45 Mass in Polish

PLEASE NOTE! During live-streamed services, we cannot guarantee you will not appear on camera.

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday & Wednesday after 10.00 Mass
and by appointment


Holy Day


The Newsletter is here: <3rd December 2023.pdf>

If you are going into Hospital please let us know where you are so we find you and let us know if you would like a visit, telephone the Presbytery 01284 754358.

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