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Just as the doors of our church are open in welcome every day to the people of Bury St Edmunds and its surrounding villages, so we hope this website will serve as an invitation and welcome to you.

St Edmund's Parish is one of the most historical Catholic parishes in East Anglia with the tradition going back to the time when Catholics had to gather in secret. Indeed the original chapel on the site in Westgate Street was and remains hidden behind the large Georgian presbytery dating from 1760. Only in 1791 was it officially licensed for Catholic worship by those in authority. Today, with its home in the later, imposing and recently restored classical church of 1837, the Parish, which extends outside the limits of the town and includes chapels at Lawshall and Gt Barton, is a thriving community of 900 or so people.

We hope that in browsing our website you will find out more about our life, our worship and our witness.

What's on?

Mass times



Sunday 24th May 10.30 Mass
(Seventh Sunday of Easter)

Monday 25th May 12.30 Mass
(St Bede the Venerable)

Tuesday 26th May 09.30 Mass
(St Philip Neri)

Wednesday 27th May 10.00 Mass
(St Augustine of Canterbury)

Thursday 28th May 09.30 Mass

Friday 29th May 09.30 Mass

Saturday 30th May 10.00 Mass

Sunday 31st May 10.30 Mass
(Pentecost Sunday)

Morning Prayer on Sunday at 10.15; Monday at 09.00; Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 09.15; Wednesday and Saturday at 09.45

Evening Prayer on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 19.00; Thursday at 18.30

Rosary: Monday and Friday at 18.30 (and Pentecost Sunday at 14.00)

You may wish simply to listen to morning and evening prayer as streamed from the parish YouTube channel, but the texts are available at If you want the same translations as the clergy, you need to download the app for your phone or computer (non-recurring cost is about £10, although there is a free trial for a month available) Please feel free simply to listen - the Divine Office is the Universal prayer of the Church, and is said by millions of people every day.


Holy Day


Watch Catholic Mass Online at St Edmunds from your home computer or mobile device. Connect to this page while our church is celebrating Mass or while a church service is being held. here

If you'd like to follow and respond in the Mass but are unsure of the words, download this PDF Order of Mass.pdf document which contains all of the responses (Link opens in new window).

The Catholic Church in England and Wales will suspend public Masses and other liturgies from this Friday, 20 March, to delay the spread of the coronavirus.

The decision, which was made in consultation with the bishops of all the dioceses and archdioceses of England and Wales, was announced on Wednesday.

You may like to read the links below for further information:

Newsletter - Seventh Sunday of Easter 2020.pdf

If you are going into Hospital please let us know where you are so we find you and let us know if you would like a visit, telephone the Presbytery 01284 754358.